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Custom Craft Auto Collision Inc Owner: Andrew and Robert Gallegos Location: Santa Fe, N.M. Staff Size: 26 Shop Size: 20,000 sq ft Average Monthly Car Count: 130 Annual Revenue: $5 million

1. Customer Comfort 

From multiple TVs to a minifridge, hardwood floors to a stoney fireplace backdrop, the customer lounge at Custom Craft Auto Collision is a sweet spot to visit when waiting for repair work. The fireplace provides warmth next to the accordingly crimson chairs. Comfortable customers mean happy customers, according to owner Andrew Gallegos, a co-owner of the New Mexico shop. 

“No one likes to come to a collision shop, so we try to make it as pleasant as possible,” Gallegos says. 

2. Employees Matter

Gallegos emphasizes that it isn’t just the customers that are put at ease—amenities for the employees are a focus, as well. 

“Our employees are our most valuable asset,” Gallegos says. “They have their own break room, kitchen, bathroom, washer, dryer, and shower. Our shop is built for our employees. They include the best technicians in the area.” 

3. Up-to-Date Equipment  

Custom Craft Auto’s high-tech equipment is high-powered and state of the art, because Gallegos is always trying to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the industry. 

 “Like the rapid infrared curing units in our paint booths, last year when they got installed we were probably one of five shops around that had them,” the shop co-owner notes.

Gallegos is quite proud of the technical prowess on his shop floor as a whole. 

“It’s like a doctor’s office for cars. Every single stall has a lift in it, in-ground, so they’re flush down there… we have it all,” Gallegos says. 

4. Speedy Production

Efficient production is another aspect of his shop that Gallegos is quite proud of.

As a high-end production shop that works on cars like Mercedes, Lexus and Land Rovers, Gallegos understands the importance of keeping his operation well oiled. 

“Every single part is set up for production,” Gallegos says. “Everything is mobile, everything has wheels, everything can be moved to the vehicle. It’s set up to be as lean and efficiently as possible.”

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