HR Expert: Businesses Should Prepare to Guard Against COVID-19

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March 12, 2020—COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic. As a result, human resource experts recommend businesses start preparing for it now.

Theresa Nordstrom, a senior human resources and recruitment leader, shares general tips that businesses, including body shops, can take to prepare for the spread of COVID-19. Nordstrom believes that this is a time for more traditional companies to grow in their capacity of hiring virtual workers and in allowing their current employees the opportunities to work remotely.

Tips to prepare for COVID-19:

  • Start testing out technology, to see what works for your organization and its structure
  • Email is okay, but in today’s world there are a variety of options, from Trello to Zoom to Slack and various project management boards. Investigate these to figure out the best fit.
  • Schedule regular status meetings for various departments and teams.
  • Ensure that employees are aware of what’s expected of them, especially as they transition to perhaps occasionally joining meetings remotely. 

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