GEICO Cautions Against Rushed Holiday Driving

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Dec. 24, 2019—GEICO urges drivers to approach their holiday errands with patience and consideration for other drivers to help everyone have a safe holiday season.

Consider the following tips next time you head out for a holiday activity, GEICO suggests:

  • A little courtesy goes a long way: Remember that you’re not the only car on the road, and many others are also trying to get to the same places. Considerate gestures, like leaving space for a car to pull out into traffic or change lanes help everyone’s trips go more smoothly.
  • It’s best not to be in a rush: Dashing through the snow may sound exhilarating; however, that – not to mention zipping across normal, dry pavement – can lead to dangerous consequences. As traffic builds throughout the holiday season, take it easy and leave extra time to get to your destination.
  • Aggressive driving puts you on the naughty list: Tailgating, weaving through traffic and failing to yield the right of way can cause anything from moderate frustration to a devastating crash. There’s no room for this type of behavior on any roadway, as it severely jeopardizes the safety of many vehicles around the offending car.
  • Have a plan in place if you consume alcoholic beverages: The holiday season is a time for merriment, which may include consuming alcoholic beverages at a gathering. If you plan to have drinks, make sure getting behind the wheel does not become part of your plan later. Many jurisdictions across the country step up DUI patrols this time of year. Plan accordingly. 

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