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July 10, 2019—Axalta unveiled on Wednesday a spectrum of automotive colors designed for the future of automobiles in its 2019 Automotive Color Trend Report: Color Combo.

The report showcases unique color combinations, such as "Comeback Duo" and "Smart Duo," and the emerging global automotive trends and latest innovations in color science driving them.

The color combinations for 2019 include:

  • Smart Duo: Axalta colors Optimized Wisdom and Common Sense make up the "Smart Duo," combining their black color tones. This color duo showcases the differing color spaces that can be used for vehicles with LiDAR or radar technology to detect other vehicles. Autonomous driving and fuel economy will influence color choices in this category, as high-tech vehicles will require color spaces to be optimized for coatings detection and transmission.
  • Topnotch Duo: This pairing of Signature Bliss and Facelift Delight features deep rich reds.
  • Comeback Duo: Solid Luck and Effect Fortune are sage green versions of Axalta colors and offer unique hues in both light and dark versions.
  • Contrast Duo: Dark Horizon and Light Skyline are shades of blue that appeal to younger generations. This pair offers a light and fashionable shade of blue with a dark blue.
  • Power Duo: Bright Lagoon and Muted Bay are teal hues that appeal to a wide variety of audiences.
  • Popular Duo: Individual Sunlight and Traditional Sunrise are yellow and beige concepts.


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