Allstate Report Analyzes Nation's Safest Drivers

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June 25, 2019—Brownsville, Texas, has the safest drivers in America for the second year in a row, according to the 2019 Allstate America's Best Drivers Report. The 15th annual report was released in advance of July Fourth, the deadliest day on U.S. roads according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The America's Best Drivers Report ranks the 200 largest U.S. cities by collision frequency based on Allstate claims data to determine which have the safest drivers.

The top five safest driving cities in America are:

  1. Brownsville, Texas
  2. Boise, Idaho
  3. Huntsville, Alabama
  4. Kansas City, Kansas
  5. Laredo, Texas

For the first time, Allstate also tapped into its claims data to uncover the "Risky Roads" with the most collisions in the bottom 15 cities to help those drivers be extra vigilant, while also advocating for infrastructure improvements.

The Bottom 15 U.S. cities in that respect include:

  1. Baltimore, Maryland
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Boston, Massachusetts
  4. Worcester Massachusetts
  5. Glendale, California
  6. Los Angeles, California
  7. Springfield, Massachusetts
  8. Providence, Rhode Island
  9. Alexandria, Virginia
  10. Oakland, California
  11. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  12. San francisco, California
  13. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  14. Pasadena, California
  15. Hayward, California

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