New Toyota Features Aid Absent-Minded Drivers

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June 17, 2019—Toyota announced last week it will debut two new technologies in its vehicles starting in 2020, according to CNET.

The first of these two systems is Automatic Engine Shut Off. Available on "most" 2020 model-year vehicles, this feature works in conjunction with the automaker's keyless ignition system. If the vehicle is left running for an extended period of time, it'll simply turn itself off. Currently, Toyota vehicles do warn drivers about accidentally leaving a car running, but it won't shut the engine down. 

The second system is called Automatic Park. If a driver exits the vehicle without putting it in Park, it will do so automatically. That feature requires a vehicle that relies on electronic means to set both the transmission and the parking brake, but Toyota didn't say which models would get it. The idea is to prevent any unexpected roll-away accidents.


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