New Technology Makes Road Tags Brighter for Radar

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Feb. 4, 2019—Fractal Antenna Systems Inc, a wireless and electronic products supplier, is utilizing a new technology designed to reduce the reflected scattering to a radar signal and make road tags brighter to vehicular radar. 

While reducing the reflected “scattering” to a radar signal, FRACTAL not only found a way to make the reflections disappear, but also found other unique fractal-based solutions that actually enhanced radar reflection. Such unusual reflectors are now called “superscatterers”.

Fractal superscatterers may solve a big issue relating to driverless cars, because they can be tiny while bright to car radar. They can be installed in the roads, on signs, on barriers, and other vehicles.

The proprietary invention also extends to including the fractal superscatterers in road reflectors (visible light), extending the utility of a safety device already employed, and making it dual use. 


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