Research: New Car Camera Could Provide Safety Breakthrough

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October 12, 2018—-Inspired by the visual system of the mantis shrimp—among the most complex found in nature--researchers have created a new type of camera that could greatly improve the ability of cars to spot hazards in challenging conditions.

The new camera accomplishes this feat by detecting a property of light known as polarization and featuring a dynamic range about 10,000 times higher than today’s commercial cameras. Dynamic range is a measure of the brightest and darkest areas a camera can capture simultaneously. With these, the camera can see better in driving conditions such as the transition from a dark tunnel into bright sunlight or during hazy or foggy conditions. 

According to a research journal, Optica, the camera could be mass-produced for $10 per piece.

The camera would enable cars to detect hazards, other cars and people three times farther away than color cameras used on cars today.

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