Snap-on Offers Software Upgrade 18.2

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April 2, 2018—Snap-on has introduced its newest software, Upgrade 18.2, which offers expanded OEM-specific coverage, expert tips, guided analysis, general repair, collision repair and more.

“For every software upgrade skipped, service technicians risk not having coverage for even common repairs brought into their shops,” said Leian Wunderlich, software program manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “With regular software upgrades, technicians will make their tool ‘like new’ again. Not only will they get the latest software coverage, but they’ll also get coverage from previous upgrades so they’ll be ready for most any vehicle that rolls into their bay.”

The latest update for Snap-on diagnostic platforms includes more than 400,000 codes, data, tests and tips for technicians to handle systems such as diesel, TPMS, electric steering and hybrid power systems with the most comprehensive OEM-specific coverage for 100 vehicle systems and 49 manufacturers.

New 2018 model year coverage has been added for Acura, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Lincoln, Mitsubishi and Ram, with optional European coverage available for Alfa Romeo, Audi, FIAT, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen. Fifty percent of the new Software Upgrade 18.2 covers 2015 and older vehicles, the ones that shops see in their bays most often.

Keep the complete job in-house – Software Upgrade 18.2 coverage highlights include:

  • TPMS coverage for all covered makes
  • Chrysler final drive control module
  • Ford Transfer case control module
  • Ford Transit 3.2L diesel DPF and injector programming
  • Exclusive coverage Harley-Davidson extended DTC data
  • Honda, Acura service functions
  • Nissan Titan engine Cumming coverage
  • BMW active cruise control and lane departure warning
  • Land Rover occupant classification system

Forty percent of Software Upgrade 18.2 offers contemporary OEM safety and advanced driver’s assistance systems (ADAS) to help body shops, used car dealerships, repair shops and mobile diagnostic businesses to take on new opportunities as well as handle collision-related insurance requirements, including:

  • Intelligent cruise control
  • Air bag
  • Collision mitigation sensor system
  • Electronic parking brake
  • Head up display
  • Lane departure warning
  • Occupant classification
  • Parking assist systems
  • Pedestrian impact detection
  • Radar sensor
  • Surround view monitor

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