Flash of Genius Launches New Customer Review Website

May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013—Anaheim Hills, Calif.–based technology company Flash of Genius Inc. recently launched a new website to help collision repair shops manage their online reputation and customer reviews.

The website, autobody-review.com, provides consumers with access to a large database of body shop reviews written by actual customers. Consumers can search for auto body and repair shops based on location, read customer reviews and book appointments.

Unlike other review websites, autobody-review.com only accepts reviews from verified customers, which prevents false and misleading shop reviews.

“Consumers searching for reputable auto body repair shops frequently struggle to sift through misleading and fake reviews on popular review sites. While these sites contain large numbers of reviews, there is no guarantee that the reviews are accurate, or even written by actual customers,” Flash of Genius said. “Glowing reviews may have been written by body shop staff, and negative reviews could be left by competing body shops looking to hurt their competitor’s reputation. Now, a new solution is available to provide consumers with verified reviews and shop owners with an easy way to manage their online reputation and client feedback.”

Flash of Genius said body shop owners who subscribe to the service can embed verified customer reviews on their own website and share the information through social media. New reviews are automatically posted to both the body shop’s profile on autobody-review.com and to the body shop’s website. Shop owners also can provide photos and other shop information on their autobody-review.com profile.

“The service promotes true business transparency, decreases appointment no-shows, and automatically asks customers for feedback after services have been rendered,” Flash of Genius said. “For consumers, Flash of Genius has provided an excellent new source of information when researching potential body and repair shops with their verified review system. For shop owners, the service proves to be immeasurably valuable for managing online reputation and automatically handling customer reviews for the Web.”

The review system is fully integrated with other repair shop management systems, including CCC ONE Update Plus; Mitchell ABS Classic, ABSe and RepairCenter; and ROME CompleteShop.