Mitchell Forms Partnership with Artificial Intelligence Developer

Oct. 13, 2016

Oct. 13, 2016—Mitchell has announced a partnership with Tractable, a UK-based technology firm specializing in the development of artificial intelligence solutions capable of automating manual tasks, to accelerate the vehicle repair and claims management processes.

Mitchell will integrate Tractable’s solutions within its WorkCenter Automobile Physical Damage platform to offer vehicle crash analysis based on photos.

“Our industry is ready to adopt intelligent solutions leveraging machine learning technologies. There are many activities we believe can be improved using these capabilities and we are thrilled to partner with Tractable to bring innovative solutions forward,” said Debbie Day, executive vice president of Mitchell International.

Mitchell said the system will simplify and accelerate repetitive work currently requiring insurance claims experts.

“Our technology is going to change the way that auto claims are managed in the future. We have trained computers to see exactly what humans see, so that vehicle damage can be assessed within seconds and consistent decisions made. Artificial intelligence will make the process quicker, more cost effective and more efficient” said Alex Dalyac, CEO of Tractable.