20 of the Latest Computer Products for Your Shop

Oct. 11, 2016

2011 Computer Hardware / Software


Carrus Technologies

Details This fully integrated shop management system will help you monitor costs and control inventory, as well as provide complete financial reporting to ensure your business is a highly profitable one. This software uses The Windows operating system, has multi-store functionality, remote access and Internet ordering capabilities.

Web carrus.ca

Phone 450.677.8797

Collision Notes

Automobile Technologies

Details This vehicle check-in software removes paper from your process, eliminating duplicate manual entries of customer and vehicle data. By using your PDA or Tablet PC you can inspect and collect vehicle data digitally. All information, including photos, is wirelessly integrated with most collision repair estimating and management software.

Web automobiletechnologies.com

Phone 888.600.6898


Carrus Technologies

Details This software uses the Windows operating system, has multi-store functionality, remote access and Internet ordering capabilities. It runs on the same accounting platform as Carrus’s other shop management systems and can interface with ADP and Mitchell to make expanding your business easy and cost-effective.

Web carrus.ca

Phone 450.677.8797


Rome Technologies

Details Bill, track and analyze specific parts with data-checking help and a comprehensive view of the process brought to you by this software. The software also has a blueprinting feature that estimates the number of days each part of the job requires: body, paint, frame and mechanical. Visit the website for details.

Web rometech.com

Phone 800.373.ROME

FastPhoto Manager

Mitchell International Inc.

Details This is an image management system that automates the time-consuming process of capturing, sorting and accessing collision-related photographs. It uses barcodes to organize estimates and repair photos. The barcode allows you to automatically send, sort, load and link photos to repair orders.

Web mitchell.com

Phone 800.854.7030

HQ Audit


Details This program delivers a real-time auditing application that simulates a human review. Through proprietary technologies that gather information from multiple data points on an estimate form, HQ Audit intelligently determines the compliance of any line item entry on a repair estimate and suggests best practice options for the user.

Web hyperquest.com

Phone 847.499.7400

MotionF5v Tablet PC

Motion Computing

Details At only 3.3 pounds, this rugged mobile computer device takes signatures, allows access to documents, manages inventory, scans barcodes and takes photos. The Motion F5v comes with Gorilla glass, perfect for real-world mobile work environments. It also has 180-degree viewing angles with an LED-lit backscreen.

Web motioncomputing.com

Phone 512-637-1111


Mitchell International Inc.

Details Built with wide-ranging functionality, Mitchell has combined repair management, customer experience management and business management into a single workspace that’s intuitive and easy to use. RepairCenter is open-architecture software that can integrate with other shop software.

Web Mitchell.com

Phone 800.854.7030

ShopStream Connect

Snap-on Diagnostics

Details This PC-based software is used to transfer, save, manage, review, annotate, email and print files that were saved or recorded on Snap-on MODIS, SOLUS, SOLUS PRO, ETHOS, Vantage PRO or MICROSCAN. ShopStream Connect simply installs onto a PC or laptop. You can even create custom printouts of data.

Web www1.snapon.com

Phone 800.424.7226



Details BASF considers this paint management system the core of the SmartTOOLS line. The software provides accurate color formulas and connects to BASF’s worldwide database, ARCtIC. The application is based on the Windows operating system and allows shops to job cost, manage inventory, track VOC emissions, and estimate paint needed.

Web basfrefinish.com

Phone 800.825.3000


Computer Logic

Details This wireless inventory tracking system has a Pocket PC platform to change and improve the procurement processes between trading partners throughout the collision repair industry. Distribution sales representatives now have the capability to cut their order-taking time. This end-to-end solution eliminates data entry errors.

Web computerlogic.com

Phone 478.474.5593

Toughbook U1 Ultra Panasonic Computer

Solutions Company

Details This is the newest member of the Toughbook U1 family, and is an alternative for legacy Windows Mobile solutions. It is ideally suited for multi-tasking applications such as SAP, CRM, turn-by-turn directions, drawings, schematics, GEO tagging and paperless forms.

Web panasonic.com

Phone 800.662.3537

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2010 Computer Hardware / Software


NewEra Software

Details Management software to manage all aspects of collision repair including sales, production, job costing, invoicing, communication, cycle time, efficiency, profit margin and claim processing. The product provides data transfer with all estimating systems, paint tracking, CSI reporting, benchmarking and accounting programs.

Web newerasoftware.com

Phone 877.447.4707



Details AutoWatch is a Web-based customer service and marketing program that allows collision centers to interact and communicate with customers through repair status photos and information through the shop’s website. Each day the shop provides digital images of the repair progress, and AutoWatch performs the data entry and image sorting and integrates with shop software.

Web autowatch.com

Phone 877.977.6473

CC3 Management System

Combined Computer Technology

Details The CC3 management system is a detailed, integrated accounting and job-costing system developed and designed to handle the transactions of body shops. The system is installed in 40 U.S. states. Integrated accounting allows more direct control of job-costing. The system has fast transaction processing, with a user interface that is easy to learn and operate.

Web softwarehero.com

Phone 360.582.0202


CCC Information Services Inc.

Details Combines estimating, shop management and DRP performance in one application. The product allows the front office to communicate with the shop floor efficiently. Combining those business functions into one place can help improve shop performance, capture more business, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Web cccis.com

Phone 312.229.2693

Help I Crashed My Car

Summit Software Solutions Inc.

Details Mobile phone application that automatically contacts emergency services, insurance agents, family and the preferred body shop after a consumer is in an automobile accident. Collision shops that subscribe receive a Web-based platform that directly connects with the consumers’ mobile device and provides access to accident notifications.

Web summitsoftwaresolutions.com

Phone 888.377.2661


Snap-on Diagnostics

Details MODIS is a diagnostic platform that offers a color graphing scan tool, four-channel lab scope with glitch capture, graphing meter, fast-track troubleshooter and diagnostic information. The component test meter database provides more than two million component test procedures and instructions, and more than one million vehicle troubleshooter tips.

Web www1.snapon.com/diagnostics

Phone 800.424.7226


Snap-on Diagnostics

Details Includes trouble codes, data parameters, bi-directional tests and fast-track troubleshooter repair strategies. The scanner provides extended battery life and high-speed performance. The product has VIN-specific coverage on dozens of systems on a wide range of vehicles—including 19 domestic makes, 15 Asian makes and optional coverage for five European makes.

Web www1.snapon.com/diagnostics

Phone 800.424.7226


NewEra Software

Details WebView is a communication system for customers, rental car agencies and insurance professionals to view the repair status. The product allows customers and insurance adjusters to check the repair progress and view images online instead of having to call the shop. WebView works with all management systems.

Web newerasoftware.com

Phone 877.447.4707

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