EstimateScrubber launches auto claims communication system

Aug. 1, 2012

Aug. 1, 2012— has launched a free auto claims communication system for non-direct repair insurers and independent collision repair facilities through its EstimateScrubber portal.

By using an ISO-3200 file structure, users of are able to upload and verify repair estimates generated by any of the three major estimating systems.

Steven Siessman, president of, said it can take several days to get independent adjusters out to shops when customers choose to have repairs made at non-DRP facilities. With the communication system, repairers can upload estimates with photographs and have them immediately validated against a claims office profile for further analysis.

“This gives insurers an audited estimate and photos before contacting an independent appraiser, which may not be necessary, eliminating the first bottleneck in getting repairs started as fast as possible,” Siessman said, noting that reduces delays and administrative work for shops and insurers.

Siessman said repairers can also use the system to pre-audit any estimate against their own custom rules before uploading to an insurer.

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