Assured Performance Launches OEM Repair Procedure Compliance App

Jan. 21, 2016

Jan. 21, 2016—On Wednesday, Assured Performance Network announced it will launch an application program to document the use of OEM repair procedures for its network of certified shops. The Assured Performance OEM Repair Procedure Compliance App automatically transforms the shop’s estimate repair line information onto an interactive checklist and delivers the information to the technician through Smart phone, tablet or desktop. The technician can then use the touch screen functionality and commands to take photos and provide documentation as they follow OEM repair procedures in the proper repair of a vehicle.

The application allows management to review and approve documentation and see alerts when no documentation is provided. All of the compliance documentation is linked to the original estimate and maintained electronically online and in the shop’s dataSAFE as a permanent record.

“This technology-driven solution provides a shop with exactly what they need to manage quality and compliance efficiently.Third-party spot checks may be performed by an untested, untrained, or uncertified individual and can leave huge holes in the documentation, lead to questionable liability coverage, and can be very expensive,” said Aaron Clark, former MSO shop owner and Assured Performance vice president of technical compliance.

The application will be provided exclusively to Assured Performance Certified Shops. Assured Performance will contact all of their certified shops and begin rolling out the program and providing instructions in the coming weeks.

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