2021 Painter's Playbook

2021 Painter's Playbook


Sure, the world changed a bit this year. Now that we’re back in the shop, back in the booth—back to our lives—it’s time to look ahead, strap on our boots, step outside and get to work.

Doesn’t that feel good? And SATA is here to help. Sponsored by SATA/Dan-Am Company, the Painter’s Playbook is the guide for aspiring painters, venerable veterans of the automotive paint palette, savvy shop owners, reputable refinish and custom technicians. Prepare to enter once more the high-tech, high-gloss world of the contemporary painter and their shops, see their work and learn from their insights and experience.

Let’s put on another coat of clear and prepare for what comes next—the Painter’s Playbook is here to help. Pass it around the shop, find the painters and businesses on “Insta,” as the kids say, and immerse yourself in all that the world of refinish has to offer.

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