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July 1, 2021
More than 100 years of quality drives safety and performance

SATA has been in the refinish and safety business for a long time and knows a thing or two about what painters need to protect themselves and perfect their craft. In the United States, Dan-Am Company is the exclusive independent distributor for SATA products. Dan-Am also has many of their own items that pair perfectly with SATA equipment, creating a complete system for the collision, custom paint, woodworking, manufacturing and industrial markets.


Many collision and custom painters rely upon the efficiency and premium quality of Rapid Preparation System (RPS) cups. SATA’s RPS cups save time, paint and cleaning materials and feature a patented venting system to regulate air flow and ease color match and media spread. Clean, safe, bendable and refillable, the multipurpose cups have galvanized the aftermarket and revolutionized the paint shop by eliminating redundancies such as spills, poor mixing and one-time use utilizations.

Venting - Avoid gunking and media build-up; the patented venting system keeps paint flowing.
  • Bendable - Save your wrists from impossible angles. These bendable necks ensure ease-of-use for tight spray applications.
  • Refillable - Don’t lose another moment refilling the cup away from the job; these instantly refillable cups enable seamless painting from cup to cup.
  • Modular - Year after year and model after model, RPS cups are designed to connect to all contemporary SATA spray guns.
  • Air Vision™ 5000

    There’s nothing more valuable than your health—not even that vintage split-window Corvette you’ve been working on in the booth. The Air Vision 5000 comprehensive breathing protection system provides the cleanest air available to painters and consists of the supplied air respirator, SATA Air Vision 5000 and a belt unit. The modular system allows easy attachment of several add-on modules while the SATA Air Vision 5000 hood protects the respiratory system and the complete head area against solvents, overspray and fear of any contamination. All elements of the system are NIOSH approved in the U.S. and available at your local SATA distributor.

    Adjustable Air Vision 5000 hood - See every detail. The hood fits every head shape, reduces sound to 64 dB and offers almost 50% more field of vision than the SATA Vision 2000.
  • Belt - Though not as stylish as the SATA vintage belt, this no-fuss accessory helps secure the entire respiratory system to your body while enabling full freedom of movement so you can get that entire panel or hood without shuffling around the booth.
  • Regulator - Like it hot? Like it cold? The regulator enables you to tailor air flow, temperature and humidity according to your needs. Paint how you want to.
  • SATAminijet® 4400 B

    Bigger is definitely not always better, especially in the paint booth. That’s the thinking, design and application behind the SATAminijet 4400 B. In other words, it’s the perfect spray gun for superb finishes on hard-to-reach areas or small surfaces. A special spot repair (SR) nozzle is also available and the gun is equipped for both solvent and waterborne paint systems in HVLP and RP applications. Ergonomic, sturdy and adaptable with all SATA paint accessories, whip this bad boy out for the next custom job and watch as your clients’ jaws hit the floor.

    Ergonomically excellent - The minijet 4400 B is as comfortable as it is versatile and will reward you even wearing gloves. Precise and durable, the spray fan can be adjusted with only a ¾ turn. 
  • Surprisingly strong - This gun features a satin gloss pearlodized™ surface, meaning it resists corrosion and is simple to clean. The air cap is made of chrome-plated brass and the needle and fluid tip are forged from tempered steel. With a reinforced air piston rod and trigger guard, the minijet will last as long as you do. 
  • Curiously connectable - The minijet accounts for all three RPS cup sizesno adapter necessary. The large connection makes cleaning the material passages safe, simple and effective.
  • SATA Belt

    Like SATA, the new SATA belt combines the old with the new for a functional, stylish and bold statement. The casual SATA belt is made of 100 percent buffalo leather and features an engraved SATA logo on the buckle. The exclusive SATA belt is available while supplies last with purchase of a SATAjet X 5500. 

    The belt measures approximately 50” x 1.5” and can easily be shortened. The hand-brushed buckle measures approximately 3.5” x 2.75” x ⅛”. 

    Every gunslinger has a story to tell. Your tools of the trade and matching belt are no different.

    Hand-brushed buckle - No two belts are alike; the hand-brushed SATA logo and design features individual irregularities characteristic of genuine leather. 
  • Premium buffalo leather - Timeless and stylish, the belt is made of 100 percent buffalo leather and is engineered to last (just like your paint projects). 
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