The Growing Prominence of Online Training

As Tesla moves away from live classroom training to reduce costs and improve training accessibility, I-CAR predicts a future collision repair training environment that is online-based. Here’s what you can expect from I-CAR’s online training platform, which will be combined with a live classroom demonstrations and could very well reflect OEMs’ shift into online training.
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Dec 2017 Survey

The 2017 FenderBender Tech+Tools Survey

In the 2017 FenderBender Tech+Tools Survey, FenderBender compares and contrasts the technology and tool trends our survey has observed, and how it could paint a landscape for the industry’s attentiveness to tools and technologies.

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The Driver’s Increasing Involvement in Photo Estimates

Many insurance companies have begun to employ their very own customers as photographers. While driver-produced photographs could merely be a trend, it could also easily become the norm. That’s why it’s important to understand why it’s happening, where it’s happening, and how it could alter the estimating and negotiation process.
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Increasingly Expensive Repairs Raising Total Loss Frequency

As technology continues to reshape vehicle make-up, the increasing costs of repairs signals a problematic future for collision repair: a rise in total losses. Bob Tschippert, senior vice president of Risk Theory, spoke with FenderBender to assess the driving factors of increased total losses and how the industry can expect to overcome it.

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