Prepare for ADAS Repairs

Nov. 4, 2020
As American manufacturers include more ADAS features in their vehicles, the independent shop must have a plan to service them

FenderBender recently sat down with Scott McKinney, Sr. Product Manager at Bosch, to discuss ADAS and the DAS 3000-1 scan tool. Here's what we learned (and how it can help your shop):

In your eyes, what is the most pressing issue about ADAS repairs and considerations in the coming years?

There are two pressing issues that I see coming up regarding ADAS repairs. The first is the growing number of vehicles that will have ADAS systems. We are seeing commitments from the major OEMs to add features such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) to virtually all new vehicles within the next two years.

That leads to the second issue: the need to service these ADAS systems. In order to work properly, ADAS systems must be recalibrated after a service event. The method of calibration varies on the systems and the OEM, but one thing that many ADAS systems have in common is the need for accuracy and precision of the calibration. ADAS systems are sometimes that last line of defense for the safety of a vehicle’s driver and passengers. If these systems are not calibrated properly, they may not able to perform as the manufacturer had intended.

What strikes you the most about the DAS 3000-1? 

The most striking thing about the DAS 3000-1 is the integration of the guided instructions into the scan tool. The ADAS-enabled ADS 625 scan tool not only AutoIDs the vehicle once it is connected, it is able to pull up all of the relevant information required to recalibrate the ADAS systems. The scan tool is able to guide the technician step-by-step through the entire recalibration process with both easy-to-follow instructions and interactive visual positioning of the DAS 3000 fixture. These guided instructions give the technician the tools to do the job and confidence that it was done right.

How does it compare to other calibration systems?

The DAS 3000-1 is unique in that it is the only ADAS recalibration system designed by the same company that builds ADAS sensors. Bosch has been involved with ADAS systems since their inception. As the leading Tier 1 supplier, we understand the unique requirements that come with recalibrating these sensors. Additionally, the use of an integrated camera system gives the DAS 3000-1 a two-fold advantage over other systems by ensuring precise placement of the fixture relative to the vehicle and increasing the efficiency of the technician through a faster calibration set-up.

What about the efficiency of the system itself? How is setup, measuring and takedown?

When our engineering team set out to design an ADAS recalibration system, they reviewed all of the OEMs' various procedures and came up with ways to commonize the set-up of those processes. The result is that the DAS 3000 allows technicians to quickly learn to use the system and to expand the amount of service that a shop provide to its customers. Combined with the guided instructions and vision positioning, shops can significantly increase their efficiency and through-put while taking advantage of new service opportunities for their customers.

Does it measure the entire vehicle?

Every OEM and system has a different requirement for calibration. These requirements are specified by the OEMs and are based on the relative distance from the target to different areas of the vehicle. Depending on that distance requirement, the DAS 3000-1 has the ability to measure the distance to things like the front bumper, front axle or the thrust angle approximation based on the rear wheels.

Does the data integrate well with your SMS or other tech/mobile devices?

The ADS 625 scan tool that is included with the DAS 3000-1 not only guides the technician through the recalibration process, but the scan tool also has full diagnostic and scan capabilities. The ADS 625 scan tool has also been integrated into the Shop Management Platform from Shop-Ware. This integration means that the pre- and post-scans, diagnostics and ADAS calibrations can be documented as part of the shop management system and used in customer reporting.

What are the key takeaways from this tool?

The DAS 3000-1 gives shops the opportunity to generate more revenue by expanding the amount of quality service they can provide to their customers, the tools to recalibrate their customers' vehicle ADAS systems and the confidence that they are performing the recalibration correctly. Bosch is committed to providing the most advanced solutions for the challenges of today’s aftermarket needs. The modular nature of the DAS 3000-1 helps shops feel confident that they will be able to tackle future ADAS technologies as well.

Click here to learn more how the Bosch DAS 3000-1 scan tool can help your shop.

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