Webinar: Demystifying ADAS Recalibration

May 28, 2021
Bosch ADAS product manager Scott McKinney reveals what you need to know about modern ADAS recalibration systems.

ADAS is the latest industry trend, but do you know if your shop is ready to tackle recalibrating ADAS-equipped vehicles? Bosch’s ADAS Product Manager, Scott McKinney, walks you through what you need to know about ADAS recalibration systems including the type of spaces required, vehicle-specific ADAS information and future ADAS technologies.

This new technology is quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in automotive. Find out how your shop can take advantage of this new technology opportunity.

Scott McKinney is a Senior Product Manager for electronics, diagnostics and ADAS at Bosch, and has experience working with automotive technology for over 14 years. After honorably serving in the U.S. Marine Corps as a truck mechanic, Scott has had the opportunity to work with many up and coming automotive technologies such as power electronics, EVs and ADAS systems in various technical, sales and marketing roles.