Bosch DAS 3000 ADAS Master Recalibration Solution

Nov. 1, 2021

Ready. Aim. Calibrate

Confidence and Precision: Through expert engineering and extensive testing, trust that your customers‘ vehicles are recalibrated within the tightest tolerances to the strictest standards.

•  Bosch ADAS Positioning (BAP) Software: Providing the most precise measurements ensuring the exact target positioning required for the most accurate calibration.

•  Guided Interactive Calibration: Simplifying sophisticated recalibrations by walking you through the entire recalibration process.

Speed and Efficiency: Optimized workflows guide you step-by-step from setup through calibration in half the time with less steps required.

• Optimized procedures and target configurations compatible with OEMs reduce the number to a fraction of set-up variations and simplify the complexity of ADAS recalibrations.

• Integrated Storage: Allows immediate access for the fastest calibration set up while keeping targets clean and serviceable.

Next generation design: Modular design and co-developing the next generation of vehicle sensors with major OEMs means your equipment is ready for the vehicles of today and the future. 

• Upgradable to accommodate future sensor calibration technologies. 

• As the largest supplier of sensors, Bosch is co-developing the next generation of vehicle sensors with prominent OEMs.

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