This Week's Top Advanced Vehicle Design News

April 14, 2020

This month, FenderBender's sister brand, ADAPT, examined why repair experts feel it's necessary for shops to start performing ADAS work, due to changes in vehicle design.

April 15, 2020—This month, FenderBender's sister brand, ADAPT, is focusing on how autonomous vehicles affect the technician and repair shop. Here's a look at the stories we covered in the last week, from how AI provides more control in the estimating process to why repair experts find it necessary for shops to be performing ADAS work.


Four OEs Complete Standard Braking Commitment

After four years since 20 automakers commit to include automatic emergency braking systems in their fleet, four OEs have made the feature standard.

The Growth of ADAS for Repair Shops

If you think collision shops are the only ones working with ADAS, think again. Here's advice for the mechanical repair sector from experts in the field.

Q&A: AI Drives More Control in Estimating

A Mitchell executive offers insight into the future of artificial intelligence and the pain points it solves when it comes to estimating software.

ADAPT Podcast: Mark Olson and Kye Yeung

Hear from these expert shop owners about how they pay attention to industry trends and set their teams up for future success.


Tips to Keep Data Secured

Addressing security challenges by following the below steps could enable your team to work remotely without risking compromising your data.