AAA Reminds Drivers: 'School's Open, Drive Carefully'

Aug. 21, 2020
AAA urges motorists to be more attentive as more children may be home-schooled this fall.

Aug. 21, 2020—AAA's School's Open, Drive Carefully campaign has kicked off for 2020, and the organization is asking motorists to use extra caution during these uncertain times. According to a press release, school buses will be returning to their usual routes after taking an extended hiatus. Drivers are also asked to treat residential neighborhoods with even more caution than before. 

“This pandemic could create risky conditions on the roadway as drivers may be unsure of when and where they may encounter children,” Mark Peterson, spokesman for AAA's Auto Club Group, says in the press release. “Drivers should treat neighborhoods like school zones as students taking virtual classes could be outside at various times throughout the day.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the greatest risk to a child is not while they are riding the bus, but either boarding one or leaving one. AAA urges all drivers to be extra attentive this fall as students transition back to school—in whatever form that may take.

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