Why asTech Purchased adasThink

March 10, 2021
What’s in store for adasThink, the software platform that identifies needed ADAS calibrations in collision estimates?

March 4, 2021—Repairify Inc., the parent company of asTech, announced in late February its acquisition of adasThink, a software platform that identifies needed calibrations of advanced driver-assistance systems in a written estimate following vehicle collisions. 

Nick Dominato, founder of adasThink, told FenderBender that his initial plan was to build the company as a standalone business, “because there’s no product like it on the market.” 

However, after discussions with asTech and learning its vision for the product, Dominato decided to sell and has now joined asTech’s team to further develop the software.

“asTech has a huge amount of resources, knowledge base, and technicians to bring adasThink to the next level,” Dominato said. 

While he declined to give any further specifics, Dominato did say, “There are big things to come.” 

FenderBender reached out to Repairify for more details.

Why join forces?

Cris Hollingsworth, president of Repairify, said asTech has four areas of focus: diagnostics, calibration, remote services, and business intelligence. 

“adasThink gives you the immediate response of if [a vehicle] has ADAS components and a breadth and depth of answers,” he said. “That’s exactly what we do.” 

What makes needed ADAS calibrations so difficult to identify following a collision is the fact that damaged systems don’t  show up as a light on the dashboard, Hollingsworth said. 

“Vehicles today have become a platform for driving computers,” he said. “The only way you can see inside the computer is to run a diagnostic.”  

Hollingsworth said adasThink is the perfect front-end tool to help his company’s customers and to eventually drive them towards an asTech solution, with its suite of diagnostic and calibration services.

“It benefits our customers, it benefits our offering to our customers, and we want to help them get the right repair, in the fastest way, at the best cost for them as possible,” Hollingsworth said. “adasThink helps with all three of those.” 

What’s to come?

Hollingsworth said the first phase for asTech is to “take advantage of the developing market around what has been built.” 

He said asTech plans to combine adasThink with its other products in order to bring in new customers, while educating the industry about needed calibrations. 

Then, he said the company has plans to expand the product, adding features and advancements, and eventually make it a one-stop-shop for technicians to access calibration information. 

Hollingsworth said hopes are the product will evolve to not only identify where the calibrations are needed, but even provide OEM-certified repair procedures that are tied to the damaged component. From there, he said asTech hopes to integrate its existing workflow solutions directly with adasThink. 

“We didn’t buy [adasThink] to contain it,” Hollingsworth said. “We want it out there in the marketplace as an enabler.” 

What should repairers know? 

“Vehicle complexity is becoming a challenge for the industry,” Hollingsworth said. 

He predicts ADAS features are not only going to become standard on all new vehicles, but will also continue to get more complicated with time, as the technology improves. 

Said Dominato, “ADAS is something that body shops need to make an active effort towards learning. You can’t rely on a scan tool to tell you whether or not an ADAS system needs to be calibrated.” 

For collision repair shops, Dominato recommends ensuring your estimators know the language used for ADAS systems and where each sensor is located. 

“Each manufacturer is different, they all have different names, and each of the sensors vary per make,” he said. “Body shops have to be prepared to look up everything, no matter how small.”

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