How Technology Can Add to Repairer/Insurance Woes

March 19, 2021
Collision repairers tell Claims Journal, an insurance industry magazine, that keeping up with advancing automotive technology is leading to new issues with insurance companies.

March 19, 2021—An article in Claims Journal, a magazine that covers the P&C claims industry, discusses how collision repairers are dealing with advancing technology and its impact on their relationships with insurers.

The article, Fast Advances in Technology Adding to Friction Between Insurers and Repairers, includes observations from shop operators about how ADAS, advanced materials, and more are changing the industry leading to new issues with insurers.

“The industry wants to do the right thing. It’s just catching up,” Frank Terlap, co-founder of Auto Techcelerators, says in the story. “The problem, though, is the cars are changing so fast.”