Jan. 1, 2020
DynoMax® Performance Exhaust and its drone-free DynoMax VT® muffler will be featured this season on several popular car and truck shows airing on SPEED and Spike TV. DynoMax products feature exhaust technologies and are manufactured and marke
DynoMax® Performance Exhaust and its drone- free DynoMax VT® muffler will be featured this season on several popular car and truck shows airing on SPEED and Spike TV. DynoMax products feature exhaust technologies and are manufactured and marketed by Tenneco Inc.

Beginning in July, the DynoMax VT muffler will be highlighted in several segments of Two Guys Garage and Truck U television shows which air on SPEED. During an upcoming HorsePower TV episode, the DynoMax VT muffler will be introduced and a DynoMax Ultra Flo™ cat-back system will be installed on a 2012 Ford Mustang V6. The HorsePower TV show appears on Spike TV.

"Enthusiasts can witness the DynoMax VT muffler in action during these episodes," said Joe Pase, director, performance products, Tenneco. "You'll be able to see and hear how the VT muffler gives you high-flow performance without any annoying drone.”

Tenneco recently launched the DynoMax VT muffler, an exclusive, high-flow stainless steel performance design that controls irritating drone while ensuring maximum performance on a full-range of applications for cars, trucks and SUVs. The muffler, available in universal and direct-fit applications, is 100-percent welded.

The muffler – engineered to deliver the DynoMax’s trademark “Drone-Free Performance™” – offers the flow characteristics of the legendary DynoMax Ultra Flo Welded muffler, through a straight-through unrestricted design that is dyno-proven to support up to 2,000 CFM and 2,000 horsepower.

Built around the exclusive, precisely calibrated, patented internal valve, the muffler also includes slotted bushing ends; exclusive Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) technology that absorbs additional unwanted interior resonance and allows for a rich, deep performance tone; and a show-stopping DynoMax VT® logo-embossed body and high-impact micro- finish.


The stainless muffler is covered by a limited lifetime warranty and exclusive 90-day Performance and Sound Guarantee, an offer that lets enthusiasts try the muffler for 90 days. Consumers can return the product within 90 days for a full refund of its purchase price. Additional restrictions apply and can be found at www.DynoMax.com.

The DynoMax brand is one of North America’s leading brands of dyno-proven exhaust technologies for muscle cars, diesel and gas trucks and sport utility vehicles, and sport compact/European cars.

For more information about DynoMax products and the DynoMax VT muffler, please visit a href="http://email.pinnmedia.com/t/r/l/tltkkly/b hubijui/m/" target="_blank">www.DynoMax.com, contact your nearest DynoMax supplier or call 1 -734-384-7806. For the name and location of your nearest DynoMax retailer, check out the Dealer Locator at www.DynoMax.com.

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