New Yokohama program connects tire dealers with trucking fleets

Jan. 1, 2020
Yokohama has launched SmartSolution, the company's new communications campaign aimed at commercial tire dealers, fleet owners and truck operators.

Yokohama has launched SmartSolution, the company's new communications campaign aimed at commercial tire dealers, fleet owners and truck operators.

The program highlights Yokohama's core technologies and how they match up to the fleets' critical requirements of product longevity, efficiency, availability and dependability, according to commercial sales director John Cooney.

"Now more than ever, fleet owners and truck operators are faced with the pressure of effectively managing tires as assets in their business," he says.

"Tires are the third-largest operating cost for most fleets," Cooney continues, "so they have to make sure that these assets are not only highly productive but have a long service life as well."

He goes on to note that "SmartSolution unifies the benefits that Yokohama commercial products offer, underscoring the advantages created in the fleets' operation, and thus improvements in the fleets' bottom line."

The campaign will consist of print advertising, dealer materials and a dedicated website presence. As a communications platform, SmartSolution is divided into a four-pillar proposition, which Cooney breaks down as follows:

  • Longevity: "Considering that tires are a long-term investment, the brands that deliver the longest life and most even wear yield greater returns for the fleets," he says. "Yokohama offers one of the longest-lasting, tire lineups available in the industry. From our innovative casing construction to advanced tread designs and advanced manufacturing processes, Yokohama develops commercial tires that are highly durable and have long, even tread wear."
  • Efficiency: "Yokohama tires are engineered for unsurpassed fuel efficiency. Our 703ZL drive tire, for instance, offers the deepest tread depth and lowest rolling resistance in its category. We are proud, as well, of the fact that we have eight SmartWay-verified tires to date. These are tires that have been verified for their low rolling resistance and which deliver superior fuel efficiency."
  • Availability: "Yokohama tires are available for purchase at thousands of points of sale throughout the U.S., including truck stops, making us one of the most widely available brands. In addition,we pride ourselves on our customer service. Should the customer encounter a problem while on the road, we have them covered with our YES (Yokohama Emergency Service) dedicated roadside assistance program. We can handle any tire emergency quickly and effectively, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to our extensive dealer network."
  • Dependability: "From exceptional reliability on the road to outstanding retreadability, no one manufactures a more dependable casing than Yokohama. For example, our innovative casing technology allows us to predict casing growth and manage stresses better, protecting the tires against forces that cause casing breakdown. But our dependability extends beyond our tires. We work hard to build long-term partnerships with our customers based on trust and mutual respect. No other supplier can deliver so completely on the aspect of dependability, longevity, efficiency and availability than Yokohama. This is why Yokohama is the SmartSolution."
Additionally, fleets can learn how much gas savings they can achieve with Yokohama's fuel-efficient tires when compared to competitors with the interactive Online Fuel Savings Calculator that the company launched on its website in July. For more information, visit

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