Pirelli and Formula One ink three-year global sponsorship pact

Jan. 1, 2020
Pirelli will be the exclusive tire supplier to the Formula One World Championship under a three-year agreement beginning in 2011.

Pirelli will be the exclusive tire supplier to the Formula One World Championship under a three-year agreement beginning in 2011.

The FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile); the race teams, represented by FOTA (the Formula One Teams Association); and Formula One’s organizing body, represented by FOM (Formula One Management) “have chosen Pirelli as their exclusive supplier based on the specific proposals from the Italian company to guarantee technical and operational stability to the competitors,” according to senior executives at the tire maker.

The global visibility guaranteed through extensive media interest in Formula One, together with dynamic plans to leverage Pirelli’s involvement in an activity central to the company’s core business, represents a unique opportunity for the brand to maximize its return on investment,” they say.

The new contract ensures that Pirelli will provide the racing teams with six different types of tires for the season: four slicks, with different compounds for various types of dry surfaces; one rain tire for heavy rain; and one intermediate tire for damp conditions or light rain.

“The current economic climate has led to a realistic and collaborative approach with all the teams, ensuring that manufacturing and logistical costs are shared fairly,” company officials note.

“Pirelli’s return to Formula One also has a firm eye on the future, with full collaboration with all teams,” they say. “Research into innovative new tire developments is a vital part of this exciting program.”

The company plans to make a significant investment in publicizing its Formula One involvement, especially in the emerging markets of Latin America, the Middle East and Asia- Pacific.

“Consequently,” company executives point out, “Formula One will become a vital calling card for the Pirelli brand, helping its commercial and industrial expansion without disrupting the company’s long-term financial strategy.”

Pirelli – which supplied tires for the GP3 Championship this year – will also be providing racing rubber for the GP2 Championship starting in 2011.

For more information, visit www.us.pirelli.com.

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