'More Mileage for Your Money' campaign connecting Uniroyal dealers with young moms

Jan. 1, 2020
With Mother?s Day approaching, Uniroyal Tire's "More Mileage for Your Money" campaign highlights the large numbers of women now making buying decisions at local tire dealers. The company's celebrity spokesperson, consumer-advocate and family finance
With Mother?s Day approaching, Uniroyal Tire?s ?More Mileage for Your Money? campaign highlights the large numbers of women now making buying decisions at local tire dealers. The company?s celebrity spokesperson, consumer-advocate and family finance expert, Kimberly Danger, provides year-round money saving advice to value-conscious consumers ? especially young moms who are on the go. She?s been writing a series of Uniroyal eBooks describing the latest tips on topics such as family budgeting, summer travel and time management, including more efficient methods for cooking and shopping. Consumers are able to access the advice for free at www.uniroyal.com. ?I?m excited about this campaign because Uniroyal and I share some very common goals,? says Danger. ?We both want to help families save time and money so their lives will be a little bit easier. Together, our goal is to help people become smart consumers so they can focus their money and energy on the things they value most.? ?This campaign is a logical extension of Uniroyal?s mission to provide good quality, affordable tires to our consumers,? explains company brand manager Kaz Holley. ?In partnering with Kimberly Danger we want to help American families get the most value out of their purchases in many areas, not just tires.? Uniroyal created its ?More Mileage for Your Money? program in 2006 with a focus on assisting consumers dealing with rising gas costs and other automotive-related expenses. With the assistance of Danger ? who came on board in January of this year -- the public service campaign has expanded to include advice on other key budgetary items along with time management issues. Danger is well-versed in these topics, and she has credibility and prestige among young moms who may be inclined to patronize Uniroyal?s network of tire dealers, according to Holley. Danger is the founder of Mommysavers.com, one of the nation?s most popular Internet destinations as an online forum for financially savvy consumers. She is also the author of ?1000 Best Baby Bargains? and is releasing a new tome this year entitled, ?The Big Book of Baby Bargains.? Back in 2000, Danger found that she was unable to find a comprehensive, interactive resource for running a frugal household. So she decided to start her own, launching Mommysavers.com while home on maternity leave after having her daughter. Today the site has a loyal base of online users, receiving more than 3 million page views per month from readers eager to connect with other value-conscious consumers and share savings ideas. For more information, visit www.uniroyal.com or www.mommysavers.com.

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