Delphi program awards loyalty with trip to Mexico

Jan. 1, 2020
Delphi Product & Service Solutions has announced a 78 percent participation rate for the Get Hooked on Delphi rewards program.
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Delphi Product & Service Solutions has announced a 78 percent participation rate for the Get Hooked on Delphi rewards program.

In its third consecutive year, the program was redesigned and offered specifically to Delphi’s current customers in an effort to demonstrate appreciation and reward customer loyalty.

Get Hooked on Delphi kicked off in May 2007 as participating customers collected points by successfully meeting program criteria. Warehouse distributors earned points by meeting stock and support programs, increasing net sales, adding new lines, participating in promotions and training services, and achieving 100 percent utilization of co-op funds.

Parts specialists and service professionals earned points through usage of in-store displays, usage of the vehicle electronics revolution message, increasing annual sales, and participating in promotions and training.

“Get Hooked has been an extremely effective method to help our customers increase their business and continue to enhance their relationship with Delphi,” says Norm Young, vice president, North American Sales & Global Service Operations, Delphi Product & Service Solutions. “Our
greatest commitment is to our customers and we want that relationship with Delphi to be both personal and rewarding.”

In January, the customers who generated the most points earned an all- expense paid trip for two to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they attended the Delphi Awards Ceremony. The top point producers in each category were:

Parts Specialists
• Ed Rossy, All Car Automotive
• Mike McGrath, Motorcade
• Burke Snow, Tri City
• Rob Pacino, Middle Atlantic Warehouse
• Steve Pike, Merles

Service Professionals
• Joshua Porter, Such’s Auto Care – Speedway
• Niel Veon, American Residential – Speedway
• Bill Butler, Butler Auto – Southeastern Automotive Warehouse
• Chris Foreman, Moritz Recon – WM Automotive
• Walter Espinda, Morrison Commanche – Parts Plus New Mexico

During the Awards Ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Ed Rossy of All Car Automotive was named the Delphi Parts Specialist of the year, and Joshua Porter of Such’s Auto was named the Delphi Service Professional of the year.

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