Borrowing a buddy not a bad idea

Jan. 1, 2020
It's always good to get input from your friends and family.

Our industry is often categorized as male-dominated. It is often characterized as dirty and greasy. Certainly we know that many of our customers and employees are women and they are very comfortable with this industry as it is. But I am reminded that, from the time my parents first told me to wash my hands, dirt and grease are optional. And yet, I often feel that the priority of making our stores cleaner, attractive and “female friendly” gets lost somewhere in the shuffle.

This is probably a result of what we all go through every day in life — we get comfortable with what we are doing and don’t make necessary changes. I know this happens to me both at home and at my office. Files and piles that should be dealt with get put aside because this is the easiest fix. After a while, the piles become acceptable, and pretty soon, they are just the norm.

If we can have a National “Bring a Child to Work Day,” why can’t we have a “Bring a Buddy to Work Day?” Really, I would propose that all of us in the industry ask for input from friends and relatives on a regular basis. Have someone look at your displays and let you know what they see; look at your counters and tell you what message you’re sending. How’s the store lighting? Store cleanliness? The displayed catalogs and rebate forms? Is the signage clear or confusing? Are the employees and staff friendly? Helpful? Professional? These questions and many others could very likely be answered if we just ask.

I see many neglected areas each day as I walk through our operations. If each of us gets just a little more serious about this, we can have a major impact on our stores. Maybe just try the idea on someone with a different set of eyes and see what happens. We might all be surprised.

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