ASA launching Mitchell 1 benefit

Jan. 1, 2020
The Automotive Service Association (ASA) has announced a new member benefit that places key performance indicator (KPI) data at the fingertips of today?s shop owner. Powered by Mitchell 1, ASA?s newest Web-based member benefit ? ShopMeter? ? provides

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) has announced a new member benefit that places key performance indicator (KPI) data at the fingertips of today’s shop owner. Powered by Mitchell 1, ASA’s newest Web-based member benefit – ShopMeter™ – provides national and regional averages on a number of data sets, including average repair order dollars, top 10 repair jobs, average parts sales and the most frequently serviced vehicles.

“ShopMeter will prove to be a ‘must have’ tool for shops who recognize the importance of measuring and improving their productivity and financial performance,” says Ron Pyle, ASA president and chief staff executive.

The ability for ASA members to compare and contrast their shop data to regional and national averages will provide them with an immediate benchmark that can be used to assess their business plans and better determine their future.

“Key performance indicators are important to today’s shop owner because they are the cornerstone of understanding your business,” says Jon Vance, PMP, project manager, Mitchell 1. “Knowing the numbers from your shop, and the shops in your region and state – and using those numbers to compare your business with the national averages – lets you see in an instant where you stand and whether you are beating or bucking the trend. This knowledge helps you target your business toward those jobs that produce the most value.”

KPIs are presented by geographic region, by year/make/model (YMM), or by month-to-month comparisons, according to information from ASA. Proper use of the data provided in Mitchell 1 ShopMeter allows ASA members to gauge their shop performance against that of their competition, providing a competitive edge over businesses that are not monitoring KPI data.

Designed to help today’s shop owners and managers easily access the core data necessary to assess shop volume, sales and maximize profits, ShopMeter can be accessed online through the ASA Web site,, in the Members Only section. This product is free to all ASA regular members in good standing. Members may access the product using their six-digit member number.

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