Auto Pride names Ken Poirier Auto Service Expert of 2008

Jan. 1, 2020
Ken Poirier has what it takes to be at the top of the Auto Pride group. Poirier, of Poirier's Service Center in Pompano Beach, Fla., was named the 2008 Auto Service Expert of the year during the Auto Pride?s annual membership meeting in Orlando. He r
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Ken Poirier has what it takes to be at the top of the Auto Pride group.

Poirier, of Poirier’s Service Center in Pompano Beach, Fla., was named the 2008 Auto Service Expert of the year during the Auto Pride’s annual membership meeting in Orlando. He received a plaque for outstanding performance with Auto Service Experts programs and a leather bomber jacket. 

This year’s meeting theme was Training for a Stronger Future. Whether you are parts distributor, a supplier or an independent repair shop you have to train at every level in your business. There is a direct correlation between levels of training and profitability: those organizations that train more see improvements in the bottom line, according to Auto Pride. Those that skimp on training or ignore it altogether lose both competitiveness and profitability.  We have to strive to continually train everyone in the channel to insure we stay strong in this ever changing market.

Poirier continually trains himself, his technicians and his customers, and is continually training for a stronger future.

He participates in many of the Auto Pride Auto Service Experts programs. Poirier’s has an illuminated Auto Pride sign, a curb sign and bay banners displayed on his facility. Ken uses all of the Preventative Maintenance materials Auto Pride provides in the HOT PACKS. He displays the wall posters, CarCare Guides and brochures in his customer service area.

Poirier is a believer in marketing and training. Despite owning a highly successful service center, he is always looking for improvement. When Poirier attended the Automotive Technical Institute’s shop management boot camp, his comment was, “I wish I had taken this course 10 years ago! I would be a lot better off today if I had.”

Poirier’s Service Center has four technicians in addition to Poirier himself. One tech is a helper – an intern position at Poirier’s. All have some ASE certification and are supported by service writer Dave Douthitt. There are six service bays and additional indoor and outdoor space and all are occupied on a daily basis. Poirier has always worked with the local vo-tech school hiring technicians.

One of Poirier’s favorite Auto Pride programs is CustomerLink. Since signing on with CustomerLink’s direct mail program two years ago, he says he has been amazed at the results that the program produces. “I was doing it before I attended the ATI boot camp and it just made it easier to implement the other business practices that ATI recommended,” he says.

Poirier also credits his Auto Pride distributor, International Auto Parts of Oakland Park, Fla., for keeping his business profitable. Owner Art Turner and his salesman, Vince Lorenzo, keep constant vigilance on Poirier’s parts needs and deliveries. With the huge daily car count that Ken Poirier enjoys, hot-shot delivery and quality parts is a must.

Poirier likes to quote CustomerLink’s admonition: “Being good enough isn’t good enough anymore.”
Everyday Poirier strives to be better. His proactive way of doing business insures their success in today’s intensely competitive environment.

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