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SAE World Congress Announces Host OEMs Through 2011 ... 2007 International Engines of the Year Awards Announced ... Mercedes-Benz Debuts Special Edition M-Class SUV ... 008 Ford Mustang to Feature Industry?s First Soy-based Seat Foam
JULY 26, 2007
SAE World Congress Announces Host OEMs Through 2011TROY, MI (July 11, 2007) -- The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has announced the host OEMs for the SAE World Congresses scheduled for the next four years, that will ensure that it continues to be a world-class event: * Chrysler in 2008 * Honda in 2009 * Ford in 2010 * General Motors in 2011 While Chrysler, Ford and GM have hosted the SAE World Congress many times, the role will be a first-ever experience for Honda. The BMW Groups and Toyota hosted the event in 2006 and 2007, respectively, and will continue their support into 2008 and beyond. "The involvement of these companies clearly demonstrates that the SAE World Congress holds an important place in the future of the automotive industry," says David Amati, director of Global Automotive Business and Automotive Headquarters for SAE International. "In addition, having the ability to plan and strategize with these automotive leaders means the SAE World Congress will always address the most significant technology issues facing this industry."(Source: SAE)

2007 International Engines of the Year Awards Announced
AUBURN HILLS, MI (July 15, 2007) - England's UKIP Media & Events Ltd. has announced the winners of the 2007 International Engine of the Year Awards. The winners of eight engine capacity categories, as well as overall Best New Engine, Best Fuel Economy Engine and Best Performance Engine, were chosen by a panel of 62 motoring journalists from 30 countries who rated the engines based on economy, smoothness, performance, noise and drivability. BMW won four of the eight engine capacity categories. In addition, BMW also won awards for Best New Engine and Best Performance Engine. Toyota's Prius 1.5L gasoline-hybrid powerplant captured the Best Fuel Economy award. Notably, Tier 1 supplier BorgWarner provides components and parts for four of the category winners - the Volkswagen 1.4-litre FSI, BMW-PSA 1.6-litre Turbo, Volkswagen/Audi 2-litre Turbo FSI and Porsche 3.6-litre.Best New Engine - Having already introduced diesel twin-turbos on its 335d, 535d and X3, the gasoline-powered BMW 3L Twin Turbo was designed for the 335i Coupe. The breakthrough engine debuts BMW's all-new, high-precision, direct-injection system, which maximizes performance and fuel efficiency by its precise dosing of the air-fuel mix being fed. The light alloy engine uses two smaller turbos - each supplying three cylinders with air - rather than a single unit to ensure a faster response to changes in throttle position. It also seeks to eliminate lag. The straight-lie six delivers 302bhp peak power and 400Nm between 1,300rpm and 5,000rpm and 0 to 60 mph standstill acceleration in less than 5.5 seconds.Best Fuel Economy Engine - Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive 1.5L unit used in its Prius has won this award for four consecutive years, and nine awards overall since debuting as the 2004 International Engine of the Year. The anatomy of the Hybrid Synergy Drive is now familiar: The 1.5-litre gasoline motor with 76bhp is engineered to run on the Atkinson cycle, allowing the compression and expansion strokes to be independently set. An electric motor works in tandem with the internal combustion engine, providing 67bhp between 1,200rpm and 1,540rpm. A healthy 400Nm of torque is also on tap between zero and 1,200rpm. The combination propels the Prius from 0 to 60 mph in under 11 seconds, while potentially sipping fuel at a miserly 67mpg.Best Performance Engine - The BMW 5L V10 powerhouse, deployed in the convertible version of the M6 as well as the M5 Touring model, picked up its third straight Best Performance category award from the International Engine of the Year Awards jury. The pure sport engine's winning combination of exceptional technology, impressive performance and addictive character allows cars that rocket to 60mph from rest in less than 4.7 seconds, with 507bhp and maximum torque of 520Nm available. Performance aside, the 90

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