5 tips to elevate technician recruiting and hiring efforts

July 16, 2021
Help your shop stand out to potential employees with these tactics covered by Repair Shop Websites.

Recruiting and hiring technicians is a challenge seen by many auto repair shops today. With the gap between technicians needed and those available to work continuing to widen, shop owners may find themselves asking, "What can I do to keep my shop fully staffed with skilled employees?" 

Repair Shop Websites recently created a quick video with some tips and insights on recruiting and hiring technicians to help shop owners. The video walks viewers through some ideas on how they can increase their recruitment efforts and how they can think about their current process in a different way.

There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to finding a leading recruiting strategy. By utilizing some of the tactics covered in the video viewers can help their shop stand out to potential employees. 

Tactics include: 

  1. Develop employer value proposition. What are the key benefits that technicians get from working at your shop? Think beyond just a paycheck. Is it a great work environment? Do they have flexibility? A fulfilling job? Rewards and recognition?
  2. Emphasize advantages. Now that you know what your employer value proposition is, use that any time you have the chance to interview or talk to a tech that you may be interested in interviewing later on. In today’s market, you have to sell a potential employee on working at your shop just as much (and maybe more) as they have to sell you on their qualifications.
  3. Always be recruiting. Even if you’ve got every position filled at your shop, you should never stop recruiting. You can’t be sure when something is going to come up in somebody’s personal life or if the dealership down the road is going to decide they are going to start poaching techs with higher pay.

Watch the full video here