Mitchell releases second quarter Industry Trends Report

Jan. 1, 2020
Mitchell has released the second quarter 2012 Industry Trends Report highlighting emerging industry trends for the auto damage collision and casualty industries.
Mitchell released the second quarter 2012 Industry Trends Report (ITR), which highlights ongoing and emerging industry trends and key performance indicators for the auto physical damage collision and casualty industries.

The second quarter 2012 ITR delivers insights and perspective to the industry via several editions focused on the data-driven, technology-enabled innovations impacting the insurance claims handling marketplace.

Mitchell vice president Greg Horn examines frame/unibody straightening in this ITR.

"In many aspects of the estimating process, regional variances and customs often make it difficult to compare and evaluate all the data on a level field," Horn said. "Frame/unibody estimating is no exception. For example, some parts of the country list the repair operations as a sublet or in a bulk dollar amount, so it is hard to see hourly amounts or individual operations such as set up and measure.

"In analyzing our national data sample, I uncovered a significant number of estimates with frame sublet listed and a larger number with frame/unibody straightening listed as an hourly operation," he said. "For simple, apples-to-apples purposes, this article focuses on the hourly data findings."

He also address the average initial appraisal value of repairable vehicles, OEM vs. aftermarket parts usage, and paint and materials rates.

Complete content is available in the latest ITR, which can be downloaded at