Titan debuts three new Goodyear radials for farm implements

Jan. 1, 2020
Titan Goodyear Farm Tires has introduced three new agricultural equipment tires - the FS24, Muck Master Radial and Super Flot Radial.
Titan Goodyear Farm Tires has introduced three new agricultural equipment tires - the FS24, Muck Master Radial and Super Flot Radial.

“The vast majority of implement tires out there are bias, but there are a lot of benefits to using radials on an implement,” says Jeff Vasichek, vice president of sales and marketing.

“Today’s farmers are traveling longer distances from field to field with increased loads. So, they are looking for a tire that can provide better roading and increased carrying capacity,” he points out. “That’s what they’ll get with Goodyear’s new lineup of radial implement tires.”

All three lines have the benefits of a radial design, including higher load capacity and superb resistance to puncture damage, according to Vasichek.

The large contact area of radials provides for better flotation and less soil compaction; with longer footprints, the weight is distributed over more surface area, reducing the amount of ground-bearing pressure, he says.

The FS24 is built for use with tow-behind implements such as planting and tillage equipment. Available in three sizes – 340/65R18, 380/55R16.5 and 44/55R18 – the large contact area and rounded corners provide for high flotation, less compaction and minimal ground disturbance in the field. A zigzag, ribbed design ensures smooth road use while providing excellent stability in side-slope applications.

“Tires designed with a square shoulder cut deeper into the soil and leave a more noticeable footprint,” says Vasichek. “With the rounded shoulders on the FS24, that footprint is minimized resulting in less field and crop damage.”



It is rated to handle maximum speeds of up to 30 mph and maximum loads between 6,930 and 9,650 pounds.

The Muck Master Radial is for heavy implements such as grain carts and liquid manure applicators. Available in size 750/55R30, a large cross-section and low profile allow for superb flotation and stability, he says. Like the FS24, it too has rounded shoulders that help reduce field and crop damage.

Massive lugs have openings to provide extra traction in slick and wet soil. Where ribbed tires would slide, causing mud build-up at the front of the tire, the Muck Master’s tread will roll right through it, says Vasichek. And because the lugs are concentrated toward the center of the tire, it also provides increased durability for road use, he adds.

It is rated for a maximum speed of 30 mph and load of 13,900 pounds.

The Super Flot Radial is for use with implements that require high flotation, such as grain wagons, anhydrous ammonia tanks, manure spreaders, large hay balers and fertilizer applicators. Available in five sizes – 500/60R22.5, 600/50R22.5, 710/40R22.5, 710/50R26.5 and 750/60R30.5 – the lugged design “provides plenty of versatility in the field,” according to Vasichek.

The Flot’s five sizes are rated to handle maximum speeds of up to 30 mph and maximum free-rolling loads between 10,700 and 18,700 pounds.

For more information, visit www.titan- intl.com.

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