Spotlight: EnerSys

Jan. 1, 2020
The Odyssey Ultimizer is rebranded for 2008.

The Odyssey Ultimizer is rebranded for 2008.

EnerSys is the largest industrial battery manufacturer in the world; a leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. The company manufactures, distributes, and services reserve power, motive power, and starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) batteries, chargers, power equipment, and battery accessories to customers in more than 100 countries. The automotive product for which they are best known in the U.S. is the high-performance ODYSSEY battery.

ODYSSEY batteries are manufactured with flat plates of 99.99-percent pure virgin lead. They are capable of providing engine-cranking pulses in excess of 2,250 amps for five seconds; that's double or triple the power of equal-size conventional batteries. In addition, ODYSSEY batteries are designed to handle 400 charge-discharge cycles to 80-percent depth of discharge.

ODYSSEY batteries are available for applications including heavy-duty/commercial, emergency-response vehicles, 4x4 and off road, high performance, modified vehicles and passenger cars, marine applications, motorcycles, and powersports.

The drycell ODYSSEY batteries utilize a unique thin-plate, pure-lead (TPPL) technology that allows a single battery configuration to provide two essential performance characteristics—maximum cranking power and true 400 deep cycles to 80-percent depth of discharge.

EnerSys has recently rebranded the faceplates and packaging for its line of ODYSSEY Ultimizer battery chargers. The new faceplates will be visible across the entire line of ODYSSEY Ultimizer chargers, which include 6 Amp, single bank; 12 Amp, single bank; 25 Amp, single bank; 40 Amp triple bank; 50 Amp, single bank; and 50 Amp, triple bank chargers for 12-volt batteries. Each charger faceplate lists the compatible ODYSSEY batteries.

"The Ultimizer battery chargers are powerful enough to charge the battery quickly, but safe enough to leave connected indefinitely without damaging the battery," said Dana Kowalski, marketing communications supervisor for EnerSys.

ODYSSEY Ultimizer battery chargers include a continuous trickle charge for batteries not in use for extended periods and sequential charging technology that keeps multi-bank chargers lightweight and compact.

EnerSys now offers a Group 24 battery spacer for the ODYSSEY battery, which adapts an ODYSSEY 34-PC1500 battery and allows it to fit where a Group 24 or Group 27 battery is designed to fit. The spacer simply snaps to the bottom of a 34-PC1500 battery.

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