PPG's PaintManager Program Hits Milestone

Sept. 16, 2015

Sept. 16, 2015—PPG Automotive Refinish announced on Tuesday that it now has 15,000 users for its PaintManager program software.

The program is a network-capable color management system, designed to help shop managers and hands-on technicians directly affect the quality, productivity and profitability of their refinish paint mixing operations.

Subscribing to the PaintManager program, users simply access secure PPG Internet channels to stay on top of paint shop operations and keep up with the latest OEM color formulas, reflectance data and new product initiatives. With continuous technical advances making it more effective than ever, PaintManager software combines the precision and efficiency of computerized color formula retrieval with comprehensive reporting and tracking features.

PaintManager system subscribers are able to collaborate directly with PPG through online communication to automatically update color and product information, validate subscriptions, obtain mixing room technical assistance in real time and streamline a host of other processes.

“The PaintManager platform is the most advanced color retrieval system in use today,” said Mary Kimbro, PPG global color director. “Now, with frequent Internet innovations, we can afford stronger collaboration and direct interaction between PPG and our customers. In turn, this allows for numerous opportunities for our customers as the PaintManager program is continually updated to help shops achieve greater productivity. Connectivity is the future of paint management systems.”

PPG said the benefits of PaintManager include:

  • Automatic monthly downloads of color formula updates to a customer’s computer. This eliminates time-consuming CD installation and makes it easier to stay current with vital OEM color information;
  • An increased pool of reflectance data fueling the PPG RAPIDMATCH X-5 spectrophotometer. Newly downloaded color formulas bolster accompanying reflectance data for the RapidMatch program to deliver simplified color matching for all refinish repairs;
  • Real-time PPG HelpDesk technical support. With the PaintManager system’s secure two-way communication interface, a technical specialist can remotely access a customer’s mixing room computer and resolve issues over the phone.

For more information, visit the PPG website.