CCRE to offer legal seminar for repairers

July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012—The Coalition for Collision Repair Excellence (CCRE) will present a series of legal seminars Sept. 21-22 at the Philadelphia Airport Embassy Suites in Philadelphia.

The seminars, which feature collision industry attorneys Erica Eversman and John Parese, will focus on the legal aspects of running collision repair businesses without third party interference, the CCRE said.

The legal seminars will cover the following topics:

• Avoiding contracts of adhesion
• Authorization to repair and repair contracts
• Blueprinting and damage analysis
• Documenting services
• Final billing
• Assignment of proceeds

The CCRE said the seminar registration fee is $495.99 for individuals who register prior to Aug. 31, and $595.99 after that date. For more information, visit