Wine Company Launches New Trade Scholarship Program

June 28, 2024
The development of the scholarship program is a direct response to Rebellious Wines­' recent survey.

Rebellious Wines from California announced the Rebellious Riveters Scholarship in partnership with TechForce Foundation, according to a news release.

The development of this Rebellious Riveters Scholarship Program is a direct response to Rebellious Wines­' recent survey, which found that more than half (55%) of Americans believe in breaking gender norms through their career choices. It comes at a critical time as America grapples with a dual challenge: filling the skills gap in its labor market and breaking down gender norms that have kept underrepresented populations out of these lucrative careers.

"The skills gap in trade careers is a pressing issue. Our country needs nearly 800,000 new automotive, diesel, collision repair, aviation, and avionics technicians by 2027 to meet demand, and the underrepresentation of diverse groups is a key factor to consider," said TechForce Foundation CEO Jennifer Maher. "Support from Rebellious Wines contributes to TechForce Foundation's charitable work of inspiring all students to explore technician careers, supporting them through their education and connecting them to successful careers. We're dedicated to increasing representation and partnering with like-minded partners like Rebellious Wines to empower students around the U.S. and provide the crucial support they need to break into these fulfilling careers."

The industry is experiencing a significant skills gap among underrepresented populations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women are particularly underrepresented, accounting for less than 3% of employed technicians. The Rebellious Riveters Scholarship aims to address this disparity and inspire more people to pursue careers in the skilled trades.

"This scholarship is about equipping unapologetically rebellious individuals with the tools they need to build successful careers," said Bob DeRoose, president and CEO of Kobrand Corporation, which owns Rebellious Wines. "We are committed to breaking barriers and are honored to support those who embody this notion of being rebellious for good. After all, their drive and determination will ultimately help bridge the skills gap, proving that the future of these industries will be both inclusive and rebellious."

The Rebellious Riveters Scholarship Program began on June 26, 2024, and will accept submissions on a rolling basis through August 2024. The scholarships will be available for eligible students enrolled in any post-secondary technician program across the United States.

The scholarship is a testament to the brand's commitment to challenging the status quo and aims to empower individuals eager to forge careers in skilled trades, as stated in the release.

Visit for more information about the Rebellious Riveters Scholarship Program.

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