Oklahoma collision repairer wins Spanesi Q5.2 welder from SCRS at 2017 SEMA Show

Nov. 16, 2017
Billie Estes of Estes Collision & Towing LLC in Miami, Oklahoma was selected from thousands of participants to win a Spanesi Q5.2 welder that was raffled from the SCRS booth at noon on the closing day of the Show.
The SEMA Show has been touted as one of the best venues to explore opportunity for the collision repair industry, and the 2017 Show floor reinforced the possibilities that exist.
As a long-running tradition at the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) booth to accompany the Repairer Driven Education (RDE) series and OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit, SCRS provided one lucky repairer with an enviable prize. Billie Estes of Estes Collision & Towing LLC in Miami, Oklahoma was selected from thousands of participants to win a Spanesi Q5.2 welder that was raffled from the SCRS booth at noon on the closing day of the Show. "We have been researching and looking into a new multi metal welder, and this will be a perfect fit for our growing business," shared Billie Estes of Estes Collision & Towing. "Seeing all the latest tools and equipment, and getting to witness them being used, was absolutely one of our favorite parts of the Show. Just being there was amazing and we definitely look forward to going to more in the future."
"We actually didn't realize exactly how many companies sold similar products," added Amanda Estes. "It really opened our eyes to research each product further. We really feel like this Spanesi Q5.2 in particular is a great fit to exactly what we were looking for; and it will help us continue to grow and expand the services we can offer. The Spanesi Q5.2 welder, valued at more than $8,500, is a Synergic welding machine that sports aluminum, silicon bronze and steel torches, along with the accompanying wire. The package included spools of steel, silicon bronze and aluminum wire, as well as an additional spool of "Honda wire" - a reference to the 980-megapascal MAG welding wire Honda has required since 2009. To become eligible for the drawing, Estes and other visitors to the SCRS booth had to pick up a "report card" listing all the exhibiting sponsors of Repairer Driven Education, and visit their booth locations within the Show. They then returned the completed card to the SCRS booth for entry into the drawing. "Spanesi Americas is excited to participate in the SCRS drawing again this year," stated Timothy Morgan, Chief Operating Officer of Spanesi Americas. "I have an extensive background in education, and it just makes sense that Spanesi would support SCRS and the educational needs of the collision repair industry. In the collision industry, we have to continuously learn new processes, repair procedures, and new vehicle construction technologies. As professionals in this industry, we all need to continuously undergo training to make sure that we have the knowledge and understanding of how to properly fix today's most complex vehicles. We take pride in supporting SCRS, its members, collision repair facility owners and all of those individuals in the industry that have the dedication to stay on top of this rapidly evolving industry." SCRS wishes to thank Spanesi Americas for its ongoing support, and congratulates Billie Estes for winning a premier, state-of-the-art piece of collision repair technology. "We really look at the prize experience at SEMA as a way to further give back to those who are making a commitment to invest in their business by seeking out current ideas, information, equipment, and opportunities. We are fortunate to have people like Tim Morgan and the Spanesi family that place as much value in encouraging those at the forefront of the industry as well," said SCRS Chairman Kye Yeung. "The SEMA Show has always proven that the future is full of promise for collision repairers, and it's rewarding to see the energy surrounding the education platform right now. It's an exciting industry, and we are pleased to help lead the way for those looking to the future." For more information about SCRS, or to join as a member before the promotional period ends, please visit www.scrs.com, call toll free 1-877-841-0660, or email us at [email protected].
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