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  • April 2022 Future Technology & ADAS Supplement
  • April 2022 Future Technology & ADAS Supplement

    Courtesy of Snap-on
    C51 A2303

    ABRN readers still concerned about ROI, space required for ADAS calibrations

    April 10, 2023
    Survey finds more readers are taking on in-house calibrations and relying less on dealerships, but questions remain for some about feasibility of doing it themselves
    Today's technology

    Little-known facts about ADAS calibration

    April 1, 2022
    ADAS is here to stay, and it’s only going to be more prevalent as time goes by. The need for investing in the proper tools is no longer in question but is instead a tremendous...
    Repairify Inc.
    Repairify ADAS alignment and calibration
    Human Resources

    The human key to static ADAS calibration accuracy

    April 1, 2022
    Lives are at stake and as a result, anyone servicing and/or calibrating these technologies must be trained and disciplined in their approach
    Photo courtesy of AFV Educate
    Orange HV cables

    What the auto repair and collision specialist needs to know about EVs

    March 31, 2022
    With a bit of training, common sense, and awareness of the dangers associated with EV high voltage systems, electric cars and trucks can grow into a significant segment of your...
    Volvo bumper ADAS sensor location

    Bumper repair: Stay away from the sensors

    March 22, 2022
    When considering a plastic repair on a bumper fascia with radar-based sensors mounted behind, first follow the OEM procedures, and if those aren’t clear, stay away from the sensors...