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  • April 2023 Future Technology & ADAS Supplement
  • April 2023 Future Technology & ADAS Supplement

    Shutterstock-Sergi Chernov
    Orange labeling of high voltage cables and components can be located in any part of an electric vehicle, from the high voltage battery pack to the motor/generator.

    Disabling electric vehicles prior to collision repairs

    April 5, 2023
    Even an experienced collision tech should seek out training to accomplish safe and effective R&R on a battery electric or hybrid electric vehicle.

    Leveraging gaming technology for a new generation of learning

    April 4, 2023
    A growing shortage of technicians, along with advancing automotive technology, have significantly elevated the need for advanced, accessible and engaging training.
    American Honda Motor Co.
    The Honda Accord has a standalone sensor in the lower grille.

    Plastic repair and ADAS – They're not mutually exclusive!

    April 4, 2023
    A bit of education is all that’s needed to dispel some of the fear and trepidation around the relationship between plastic repair and ADAS sensors.
    Courtesy of Repairify
    As ADAS features are integrated into vehicles, once simple repairs demand increased precision and focused training for the technician to properly service vehicles to ensure the ADAS systems work as designed.

    The future is now: examining the use of ADAS in electric vehicles 

    April 3, 2023
    Technicians must properly service vehicles with ADAS capabilities so they do not create more risk for motorists.
    Courtesy of Hunter Engineering Co.
    The complexity of today’s vehicles is changing rapidly, and the days of assigning a repair to your “A” tech who would handle the complete repair are gone.

    Assign the right skill set for ADAS repairs

    Feb. 1, 2023
    Technicians need more knowledge for ADAS than for typical mechanical repairs.