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The Independent Body Shop's Guide to Marketing

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The Independent Body Shop's Guide to Marketing
Guidelines for becoming the most trusted shop in your community.

When you speak with marketing expert after marketing expert in the collision repair industry, you’ll start to sense a trend:

“There’s a huge opportunity for independents to dominate markets. Independent collision shops have great opportunity to compete with MSOs for page one on Google. Google loves local businesses.”

“It’s an ever-changing industry. The big companies are clueless about the opportunities available to them and how far ahead they can get of their competition.”

“In our town, revival of supporting local, downtown is thriving. The big shops are never going to experience personal connection we have with our communities.”

In order: Danny Sanchez, Steve Ward, Megan Williams. While “marketing” is just one of many hats collision repair shop owners must wear throughout the day, these three professionals are laser-focused when it comes to branding, advertising and selling a shop to communities. And to them, being a small fish in a big pond isn’t a handicap—it’s an opportunity.

And that’s because “marketing” to these individuals is not a 14-by-48-foot billboard or a 30-second radio spot—marketing is an everyday interaction with the community. If you want to secure a DRP or fleet account, gain support from local businesses, trend on page one of Google or stand out to area families, Sanchez, Ward and Williams argue that a defined brand and a community-focused marketing approach is the key to it all.

So, don’t stress that MSOs have ridiculously large marketing budgets compared to your shop’s. As an independent body shop, these three would argue you have opportunities larger companies are often too big to truly capture—as long as you’re willing to connect with your community. Here’s your guide for becoming your local market’s go-to, trusted collision repair shop.

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