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I-CAR Launches Training on Vehicle Trends

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Dec. 12, 2012—I-CAR on Wednesday debuted a new live training course focused on technology advances and trends in modern vehicles.

The course, called Vehicle Technology and Trends 2013 (NEW13), provides an insider’s look into new vehicle technologies that are becoming more mainstream, and must-know information for making repairs on those components.

According to I-CAR, there will be more than 200 new or redesigned vehicle models introduced to the market through 2015, which makes advanced training on vehicle-specific repair techniques critical for repairers.

“In today’s ever-changing environment, awareness and understanding of vehicle technology are mission critical to the performance of complete and safe repairs,” I-CAR said.

During the course, students are exposed to technology trends and systems throughout vehicles that impact the repair process, such as changes in structural designs, materials, electronics and systems.

“The Vehicle Technology and Trends 2013 course is a unique training experience for students. In addition to focusing on new vehicles and technologies, NEW13 builds an understanding of how the economy, government mandates and vehicle design principles are working together to rapidly change vehicles of the future,” said Jason Bartanen, technical director for I-CAR. “Ultimately being able to identify the new technologies found on North American, Asian and European vehicles for model year 2013 makes this course extremely useful for the inter-industry.”

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