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“We were definitely going for rock-star status,” says Fuji Spray Auto’s Tracy Durana when asked about the manufacturer’s MP-V8 spray gun. The tool is designed specifically to make a painter’s job easier and, in the process, an auto refinisher's business more profitable.


And to this end, the MP-V8 has a magic bullet within its design: fan width.

From the company’s offices in Ontario, Canada, Durana says the gun’s sizable fan width is beneficial to both shops and painters in two ways. First, the MP-V8’s fan width makes it easy to disassemble and clean, with few internal components. So, whereas a refinisher might use another type of spray gun and find themselves with a seriously tedious clean-up session ahead, with thousands of little components to contend with, the MP-V8 is simple inside and easy to prep for its next job. And for the painter with the gun in hand, the MP-V8’s large, side-mounted fan helps cover more ground too, cutting down the time they spend inside the booth.


“For both the owner and the finisher, the more jobs the better each day,” Durana sums it up. “It’s beneficial having a spray gun with the big fan width of the V8.”

When asked if there’s any special significance behind the “V8” in the gun’s name, Durana says, “It signifies top of the line—inspired by the V8 engine’s power and high performance—and it definitely relates to how great the spray gun delivers.”


Even though Durana works for Fuji Spray, she isn’t alone in her praises of the MP-V8, which has been out on the market for about two years. That length of time is long enough for professional painters to put it through its paces and for the gun to gain a solid following.


An autobody refinisher out of Alberta, Canada, for example, known on Instagram as @gunsandhoses_ with nearly 6,000 followers, gave this review of the gun: “Ok I gotta say this @fujisprayauto MP-V8 Spray Gun’s performance is pretty impressive, honestly more than I was expecting. I’m pretty happy how the job turned out.”


Similarly, Texas refinish technician Tito Castillo @slv_car_refinisher gave this descriptive report. “Using this fuji spray gun helps me to not waste much paint, it lays down the base so nicely and smooth[ly].” And Castillo added, “This gun is a work horse for sure, she surprises me everyday” … “Very comfortable feel, light weight, amazing fan pattern. I like that the trigger doesn’t travel too much to be a full throttle … I’m guessing that makes it very precise.”


Professional painter Robby Zieroff, @robbyzieroff, who describes himself as PPG-certified, BASF-certified, and ICAR-certified, posted, “No modeling or funny business whatsoever. Great gun for someone who wants to get cars in and out quick … money making.”


Another fan of the MP-V8, Joel Langton @olie_olie_paintz, lead painter at AAM Bodyshop in Billings, Montana, posted an Instagram message pointed straight at the manufacturer, saying, “Fuji Spray Auto – MP has become my absolute go to for clearing.”


Serving to reinforce the strong reviews for Fuji Spray Auto products from painters and refinishing shops, Durana says the company delivers rock-solid customer service if it’s ever needed, so painters can keep doing what they do best with minimal hassle. “Our spray gun has a 12-month limited warranty on the craftsmanship and workmanship,” she states. “We’re proud of our customer service.” If there’s any damage or defect with the gun, the company will make sure the customer gets the best and quickest resolution to any problem that would arise.


From start to finish, cost-effectiveness is one of the top offerings that this rock-star spray gun delivers for the painters and businesses who pick it up. As Durana puts it, “With the MP-V8, we aim to give you the power and the reliability you need without breaking the bank.”

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