Ask the Expert: Fuji Spray's 35th Anniversary and Outlook

Aug. 1, 2021
As Fuji Spray turns 35, it has much to offer the North American refinish market.

Reliable spray guns? Check.

Ergonomically superior? Check.

Top-rate customer service? Check.

Premium quality modern spray guns for the savvy paint professional? Double check.

Join Fuji Spray's sales and operations manager, Jim Larin, as he discusses what's next for Fuji Sprayand why it's poised to help independent shop owners everywhere. 

From his start with Fuji Spray in the technical and customer support department, Jim Larin has been an integral part of the organization. Now, in his role as Sales and Operations Manager, Jim provides support and education on equipment and technique for customers and distributors around the world.

A graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Centre of Advanced Wood Processing, Jim’s education and experience has allowed him to develop easy to follow, step-to-step processes for customers across all Fuji Spray brands and products.

In every situation, for any product or customer, Jim’s goal is simple: Help users at every level confidently finish every product they have.