Fuji Spray Auto V8 Series Spray gun

Oct. 5, 2022

Fuji Spray Auto left out no details when designing the V8 Series spray gun, listening closely to industry workers to discover the most important elements to include for a top-of-line automotive spray gun.  

The gun designed to be easy to use, versatile and comfortable.  

Fuji Spray didn’t begin in the automotive industry. Since 1986, Fuji Spray has been creating industry leading spray equipment for a variety of industries from sunless tanning to woodworking that is easy to use and provides the best spray experience.  

“We have user satisfaction in mind and that's both in terms of the product and the customer service,” says Kamil Kostrzynski, Fuji Spray Sales Manager. “Our company has been well known for years in the woodworking and even the sunless industries as being one of the best customer service companies not only in the industry but just in general.” 

Fuji Spray noticed that their X Series compressor guns, meant for woodworking, were being used for automotive refinishing. From this Fuji Spray began designing a series of spray guns specifically for the automotive refinishing and collision repair industriesFuji Spray Auto left out no details when designing the V8 Series spray gun, listening closely to industry workers to discover the most important elements to include for a top-of-line automotive spray gun.  

After working alongside industry professionals through a thorough testing process, Fuji Spray Auto launched the V8 Series spray guns. Equipped with the largest fan pattern on the market and lightweight design, the V8 Series guns are efficient, comfortable, and easy to use.

Fan Pattern

The V8 series spray guns offer a unique fan pattern control. The side mounted control is conveniently located to be both comfortable, and provide exceptional performance. It creates up to a 13 inch wide fan pattern, the largest of any on the market, allowing you to cover an impressive surface area while you spray. This increases efficiency to get the most out of your gun and time in the booth.


The V8 series guns were created to be lightweight and comfortable, weighing just 1.15 pounds. The guns are designed with minimal internal components for easy maintenance without sacrificing performance. The lightweight and ergonomic design prevents hand cramping and allows you to spray all day. The precision trigger allows you to get a full throttle spray without having to put unnecessary force on the trigger to achieve a nice smooth finish.  


The V8 series guns come in two versions: the MP-V8 and H-V8 that are both designed to suit every refinisher’s needs – from basecoat applications to clearcoat applications.  The H-V8 is a high-volume low-pressure spray gun that maximizes transfer efficiency to limit overspray and material waste, saving you money. The MP-V8 mid-pressure gun performs at a slightly higher pressure, ranging from 9-35psi. This gun is designed for high production facilities spraying waterborne and solvent-based coatings as well as high viscosity finishes.  
Both guns are compatible with the most common disposable cup systems on the market which allows for easy cleanup. 

Customer service  

Fuji Spray Auto not only creates top-quality products but has the customer service to match.  

We stand by our products. We offer help in terms of understanding the products and troubleshooting,” says Kostrzynski“We're available to the user to make sure that they're getting what they're paying for and that their product is performing the way it's intended. We take their suggestions and notes about the product very seriously and when it's needed, we make adjustments. 

When you purchase a Fuji Spray Auto spray gun, you can be confident you are getting a top-quality product designed with your needs in mind.  

Now with an even better offer – take the V8 series for a drive and save more when you purchase two V8 spray guns of your choosing through Fuji Spray Auto’s V8 Series Bundle. Whether you prioritize transfer efficiency or comfort, Fuji Spray Auto has a spray gun for you. For more information or to order a V8 Series spray gun visit: http://fujisprayauto.com/buy-direct/    

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