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Statistics from the 2020 FenderBender Industry Survey suggest that team repair work is falling out of favor at body shops. Nowadays, just 20 percent of shops use team technician setups, whereas 26 percent did 2 years ago. 

And, when it comes to technicians, survey results indicate that team setups aren’t the most fruitful for body shops. According to FenderBender research, when shops have technicians segmented by repair department, it tends to provide those businesses with better technician efficiency and productivity. 

Here’s a look at how the three most common technician setups tend to impact a few key  metrics at body shops. 

How technicians work Gross profit of 40%+ Avg. tech efficiency of 140%+ Avg. tech productivity of 100%+ 
In teams   48% 29% 43%
Segmented by department  69% 51% 48%
One tech per repair* 52% 20% 32%


*One tech per repair, start to finish



Speaking of teams, last year FenderBender wrote an in-depth article analyzing how a unique, team pay structure helped give one Delaware shop virtually peerless cycle times. The team setup even resulted in lower labor costs. Learn how that setup was implemented by reading the full article, at


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