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When cooking a fine meal, you don’t throw whatever’s in the pantry together in a bowl, heat it up and hope for the best. You find the right ingredients, combine them according to the recipe and serve it in controlled portions to your family and friends.

Responsible collision repair is no different—you can’t simply install whatever part you’d like and expect the vehicle to run well (or run at all), and the end result—a safe and reliable vehicle—must fulfill the promise of the repair.

CollisionLink Shop is the top industry-recognized tool for ensuring your shop gets the right OEM part every time. CollisionLink Shop offers several distinct advantages to increase your profit and revenue and get your clients back on the road.


Discover Deep Discounts

At 9th Street Collision in New York City, Frankie Ofrias depends on CollisionLink Shop to attain the maximum discounts from his dealer and passes those savings onto his customers.

“In the past, you’d always think, ‘There are cheaper options,’ and it was easier to get a used piece from the junkyard opposed to the new one,” he says. “CollisionLink has cut that out; the discounts you get automatically without submitting paperwork really pushes you to buy OEM instead of aftermarket.”

Ofrias’ eyes were opened after working with the CollisionLink Shop team. After a seamless integration with his shop’s management software, he was online and ordering parts immediately.

“I order all the parts and it’s a breeze,” he says.

“You write an estimate on the system and it ports it right over to the dealer.”

9th Street works with GM quite a bit and has used CollisionLink Shop to bolster its relationship with local GM dealerships.

“With CollisionLink Shop, our dealership partners get what we need and we can work at maximum efficiency,” Ofrias says.

Ordering OEM parts online with CollisionLink Shop reduces the element of human error and provides the confidence that you are getting the right part each and every time. Ofrias is so confident in the tool that he empowers his technicians and service writers to order parts without his oversight; it’s that easy. 


Gain Inroads with Insurers

Across the country at Frank’s Auto Collision in San Celemente, Calif., Jeremy Dugan uses CollisionLink Shop to work more closely with his clients’ insurers; now that they know he’s using OEM parts, he can accept more business with the confidence to fulfill almost any open ticket.

“The insurance company carries a big presence,” he says, “and manufacturers probably see CollisionLink as a great solution for themselves as well—it can increase parts sales, safety and quality of repairs without putting shops in that bind.”

Instead of working against or around insurance estimates (and that bind), Dugan now works in tandem with the insurance companies representing his clients. For the first time, top-quality repairs and a reasonable price threshold are simpatico, allowing for a best-of-both-worlds situation for his shop and his clients.


Upgrade Your Shop

CollisionLink Shop isn’t a plug-and-play option for isolated collision repair dilemmas; rather, it’s a comprehensive tool that can fundamentally change the way your shop does business. 

Some features and benefits of CollisionLink Shop include:

  • Competitively-priced OEM parts

  • 27 OEM parts programs

  • Improved cycle time

  • VIN verification increases order accuracy

  • Integration with all major estimating systems

CollisionLink Shop also aligns with popular integration partners and is endorsed by many industry organizations such as:

  • Mitchell Repair Center

  • ProfitNet

  • ABWTracker

  • PartsTrader

  • Crash1


To see what a partnership with CollisionLink Shop can do for you, check out

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